Diamond restoration

Give old diamonds a new life!


Diamond Restoration  
Give Old Diamonds a new life!
Diamond restoration brings back the glare and light to an old Diamond that has been in the family for decades. Many of us keep family treasure, only to be showed and admired once in a while when talking about the deceased loved ones. Treasures as pearls, golden rings, old pocket watches and other antiques tell that beautiful family history.

Amongst some families, there are still old diamond rings moving around. 

Give old diamonds a new life!

Some might have even thought of taking it to a pawn shop when things have gotten too tight.

By now, that your Granny's old white gold beautifully cut, 30 karat Diamond ring with white gold and ruby sparkles, that you sometimes clean for hours and end up putting away again, may cost a fortune and may also become young Jeannie's wedding ring after undergoing a complete restoration. To become her lifetime loved symbol when marrying her fiance, who is in service overseas but will be back next month.
Fortunately he wont have to spend his last paycheck to the last penny on a new ring.

Family will have a great surprise for him so Jeannie and Jake will be able to have their dream Honeymoon in Bahamas.

Jeannies mom, Lisa, has already brought the diamond ring to Diamondind Exchange Texas, where our famous Diamond cutter Sergio Dicantini, has evaluated the piece totally.

He has told us that diamonds from de mid 1950s were cut with the best techniques at the time to obtain that pure 30 karat stone.

According to his most recent research and investigation, the stone itself is in superb condition to be converted and newly cut, into a glaring and stunning wedding ring jewel of the new 21st Century.

Sergio, the jeweler designer and cutter has already drafted 3 or beautiful interpretations of the same piece, including deep cleaning and superb polishing.

Finally the most beautiful modern ring with diamonds, that in it's past live was part of the everlasting love betweeen Granpa Joe and Mamma Thelma is now good and ready to bring a new couple together for years to come.

Come relive a part of your family with an old jewel, and be part of the future!
The stone has all a new cuts and cleavages that give the rock new centurial look with all the spark and shine we would expect from a new diamond, but sincerely, this one is much better..


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