Why Women Love Diamonds

From the ancient women that looked up into the starry nights at the small brilliant twinkle in the dark sky and wondered if they could ever have one. The instinct to look at the light, reflections in the water, the sunrise or light from fire, are within us.


When ancient humans noticed crystal and colored stones that reflected light in such a beautiful manner, they wanted to have them. Women wanted to keep them, to see them play with color and light, to wear them and enhance their beauty. Diamonds started being noticed in the 1300s, when humans started cutting them to have them show all their brilliance. Since then diamonds go with girls. 


A woman´s acceptance goes along with her image and how she is seen by the rest of her peers. Women´s beauty also counts on how much work and effort she will put into her self appearance. Love for her self image will show, and will glow and be noticeable if it has been masterfully decorated and carefully crafted as most women do. What may start with a beauty massage, a hair treatment, make up, creams, shadows, base, color, liners and lipstick, most possibly will be finally enhanced with the most beautiful jewelry at hand. By putting on stunning jewelry such as bangles, necklaces, bracelets or rings.


Wearing a jewel is also showing a symbol. A symbol of everlasting sincere love, a symbol of oppulence, a symbol of status, symbol of elegance, or one of strength and courage. Whatever the reason may be, a life with more love in it, will possibly have a diamond making it glow with sparkle somewhere in it. Always bring diamonds in your life to celebrate the true moments of love, dedication, faithfulness, strength and courage.


A diamond is a synonym of a happy memory, a happy memorable moment in a persons life, that has to be celebrated and remembered always. A beautiful union, the birth of a child, or a lifetime commitment or engagement. Everytime you look at the wonderful stone in your ring, remember. Remember the magic moments evoking the golden moments in your life.

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