How to buy an
Engagement Ring?

When the moment has come to buy an engagement ring it is wise
to look for some advice that can help you take a good decision.
The most important aspect is confidence in trust. 
Buy where you feel a friendly advice, a sincere
assistance and the peace of mind that you are being given the 
finest and truest help in a very important moment.


The 4 Cs

As soon as you start looking at diamonds, and after you have carefully seen a few. You will start noticing that a very important aspect is how the stone was cut. There are experts hands that can masterfully cut a diamond to sparkle even more. You will notice and detect which is better after a while. Trust your instincts.
The typical engagement ring stone is one carat. It will 
suit your bride perfectly and most surely will make her very happy. 
Again as in cut, clarity is also important, some stones are clearer than others, they might have impurities or be completely clear. Look carefully, learn and decide. 
Diamonds can have many tones. You or your spouse might have a special color in mind. It is perfectly normal for diamonds to have shades. 


Obviously when you decided to take the step, one 
of the first thought was your engagement ring and 
the wedding ring specially due to the value. 

Be sure to prepare to make a lifetime investment
the will enclose and symbolize your union for ever after.
Start preparing your budget so you can the best for 
your dollars.

The engagement ring diamond and the wedding ring are not just one more stone, they will be part of your daily life and 
your union for the years to come. 

Diamond Shapes

Visit the jewelry store you like, where you
feel best and start looking. There are several diamond shapes
you may like more than others. It is also nice to have 
a sales person in a jewelry store to help you choose. 

At Diamond Exchange Texas we assist you in which shape 
would go best in the bride´s hand. Either it be round, oval, emerald or cushion. 

If you want more information about shapes just click here.

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