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Beautiful Diamond Rings at Diamond Exchange Texas

Come and look at our beautiful diamond rings for that special moment.
Rubies and Diamonds Ring

Rubies are the embodiment of passionate love and passionate women. Ruby is the gemstone for simply beautiful and very attractive brides.

Rubies represent desire , love and courage through their rich red color. The red stone of nobility goes wonderfully with diamonds.


14K Tanzanite & Diamond Ring 

14K Tanzanite & Diamond Ring
It is truly surprising and fascinating to find out that there is effectively a blue gem . Their specific name is Tanzanite, with a deep blue and purple color that transforms with light. They were first found in 1969 in mines at Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa, it is valued for it rarity.


10k Blue Topaz Diamond Ring 

The many hues and tones of Topaz may become this beautiful light blue gem to make a diamond ring look much better.

This beautifully crafted Diamond ring with Topaz will add a lighter and more peaceful appearance of purity and sincerity to the wearer.


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