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Wedding Ring
on a budget?

When the moment comes in your life and inevitably in your near future, there is a Diamond, that represent more a hurdle than than a gift, there are few things you have to get into focus so tables start turning and you can really begin enjoying the new part of life of your life you are about to start.

Not all diamonds were created equal.

Smile, and thank God that not all diamonds were created equal. There are Diamond shapes that cost less than the typical round Diamond.


That is one door you can open if you also look for oval, cushion, or heart cut diamonds that have a price closer to your wallet capacity.

Shapes can really give you a push!


With regards to size, there are ways that expert jewelers can make a small Diamond look bigger, either it be with surrounding smaller different stones or ways of mounting the cut stone on the ring.


Quality is as another aspect that can be considered. Diamonds might have impurities, barely visible with the naked eye that will finally affect the price in your favor.


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