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We are the place for
Diamonds in Houston.

Trust, tradition, expertise and quality at your service. 


14KW Diamond Bangle

Why iTouchDiamonds?

For many years we have been in the diamond business and for many more in the gold and jewelry business with friendliness and understanding.

At iTouchDiamonds we know our trade and can surely give you the good advice on what is your choice when buying a diamond or choosing an engagement ring according to your budget.

Many of our clients can say they took one of the best decisions with us when they purchased an engagement ring from iTouchDiamonds.


Beautifully mounted Diamond on a white gold ring!

Come talk to us we have Jewelers and gemologists on staff that will provide you with firsthand knowledge of a fine diamond.

In addition to that we can take you beyond the four c's we can answer any questions you have concerning cut angles and percentages faucets and fluorescence that can make a diamond ideal for your loved one.

Go beyond with I touch diamonds with trust and satisfaction knowing you have made the right choice for that very important moment in your life!

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