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Popular Diamond Shapes

For those of us who don't know much about diamonds, there is only one shape. But it so happens that diamonds come in many shapes and in
various color tones, but today we are going to talk about the most popular shapes for 2021. Diamonds can be cut in several shapes.

Possibly you will go for the typical round cut, that will be a superb choice. Other popular shapes include the Oval, the Emerald and the cushion cuts.
Anyways, you or your bride may en up deciding which fits and looks more stunning in their hands,
but the most popular and trendier in 2021 are:
Round cut Diamonds

The most common shape, round diamonds have been cut by expert jewelers to produce the most sparkle and shine, through it´s great quantity of angles. Renowned for its magnificent fire and brilliance, this shape boasts excellent light refraction and due to that it may appear larger than it´s actual size

Oval cut Diamonds

Of all the round diamonds the oval cut diamonds have the shine and brilliance. They have a larger face-up area and produce and elongated effect on the fingers that wear it. It may even give a more elegant look to your hand. 

Emerald cut Diamonds

The elegant cut of the this diamond was originated from the cut used for emeralds. This shape might be more attractive to those on a budget, due to the fact that they cost less than round cut diamonds. This stone´s the gem's vertical facets give it a brilliant mirror-like effec

Cushion cut Diamonds

The soft and rounded edges of cushion cut diamonds make it a unique cut with more dispersion or fire than the other shapes. It combines a square cut with rounded corners, that is it´s what makes it look like a pillow, returning light in a thicker way than modern cuts.

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